Our Team

Edward Lancaster


Born in the UK with a background of Mining, Real estate, Commodity Trading, in Oil, Gas, Gold, Minerals, and based in Hong Kong, and Sydney, His many years running and advising, successful companies brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Mining Industry.

Peter Cuthbert


Australian born, Peter has a lifetime of experience in design, installation and servicing of mechanical services principally for the construction industry.

His career and companies have flourished over 40 years as his knowledge and experience has expanded. Strategic thinking and vision have allowed Peter to adapt his proven skills to diversify into the exploration and mining industry over the last two decades.

He has been specifically dedicated to identifying potential opportunities and managing a large exploration area in East Gippsland over recent time.

Ng Thiam Seng
Raymond NG

New Business Director (Asia Pacific)

Born in Singapore 1957 migrating to Perth Australia 2013
Raymond Ng based in Singapore, he has been in the business of Banking , Building Construction Real Estate, Human Agricultural, Commodity Trading for the last 40 years.

He has set up successful businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China. He has skillfully managed thousands of workers. He owns Agricultural Farm Land in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand he speaks English, Mandarin, Thai, and Malay fluently and his familiar with South East Asian, and Chinese culture.

Raymond brings a wealth of business contacts and experience to the company.

Pierre Thoi Nguyen

Corporate Secretary

An Australian citizen has close to 18 years-experience in the banking and financial services industry. He worked with all major banks in Australia as an Investment Adviser and was Head of Wealth Management for the ANZ in Vietnam.

Pierre holds a Diploma of Financial Services, a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Letters (Hons.) and a Master of Corporate Law.

He brings a deep understanding of Asian culture and business practices which has assisted Lithium Gold Mines Australia in executing its strategy of long-term partnerships with major investors in Asia.