About Lithium Gold Mines


At Lithium Gold Mines we consider ourselves modern pioneers in the industry. We are an exploration and development company with a focus on Gold, Lithium and other resources in Australia. Our aim is to develop a diverse portfolio of minerals and rare earths to meet the high demands for battery metals and gold bullion in our growing markets.

Lithium Gold Mines will develop projects both solely and in joint venture with reputable Australian mining companies. The mining industry is changing rapidly. We intend to use modern methods in mining and exploration to target resources missed by older exploration methods.

We are exploring to deeper levels using imaging, geological modelling and exciting breakthroughs in science and technology that expand the boundaries of the possible.

The shifting global operating conditions and resources scarcity requires companies to adapt modern mining practices that meet these challenges and the high expectations of our shareholders in today’s modern society.

Our ambitions goes much higher, innovation is our goal using modern extraction technology’s with extraction percentages and streamlined productivity from mine to market, we will be the for leader in mining in years to come.


Lithium Gold Mines Australia Pty Ltd

Company Mission Statement

  • Lithium Gold Mines Australia is constantly expanding and diversifying our current tenure base to meet the requirements of the global economy.
  • The objective of Lithium Gold Mines Australia is to procure Gold, Lithium, and Cobalt tenements that are currently under contract in Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria.
  • We will take strategic holdings in companies specializing in searching for and mining Gold, Lithium, Cobalt.
  • We will strategically list on the Australian & Hong Kong Stock exchanges.
  • Gold will be our primary objective to secure cash flow, however our primary focus is Lithium, & Cobalt Mines.
  • Primary Gravel Gipsum and Precious minerals and rare earths will be sorted and extracted through our mining processes presenting other income opportunities.
  • These secondary minerals can reduce mining costs and add to overall cash flow. Gold and secondary minerals will equate for at least 50% of our mining projects, and this will allow a strong cash flow for exploration and mining of lithium, cobalt and rare earths.
  • Through a diverse portfolio of precious Metals and Rare Earths we can appeal to a broader market of Investors and therefore our product is a great long-term investment.
  • Naturally as the company moves forward in its development, the shares will increase in value as the company continues to develop it Gold, Lithium and Cobalt mines.
  • The world at large is focusing heavily on Lithium and Cobalt resources, with all our mines proving deposits which we would like to develop, more accurate information by way of drilling and assay reports to establish the deposits of Lithium & Cobalt that are usually currently deeply embedded in the ancient sea beds under the gold mines.


  • Both Lithium and Gold shares are in high demand.
  • Lithium and Cobalt as a natural resource are in extremely high demand.
  • Lithium Gold Mines Australia recognizes that through extensive research and market analysis that companies with a diverse portfolio, deliver lower production cost through use of secondary minerals, resulting in stronger cash flow and growth.
  • Lithium Gold Mines Australia is also looking into utilizing new technology such as Sonic sampling drill systems with onsite sample testing, with the focus being on speed and efficiency of exploration. These systems are three times faster than existing systems. New technology in mineral extraction to obtain overall a more cost effective and faster efficient mining processes.


Regards, Chairman CEO
Lithium Gold Mines Australia Pty Ltd