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Gippsland Project Gippsland Project

This is a potentially million ounce plus project, targeting both alluvial and hard rock gold. Victoria is a world renowned gold province with over 80 million ounces being mined in Victoria over the last ghjkghkghjkghjk decade but much of Victoria remains unexplored with modern technology.

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Beechworth Project Beechworth Project

Exploration in the Beechworth Region has defined 2 lead GF scale projects; Hillsborough and Hurdle Flat - Rocky Point. Both feature well defined structures to support open cast and underground mining.

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MT kirk lithium & gold Project MT kirk lithium & gold Project

Lithium Gold Mines Australia has obtained one hundred percent holdings of the Mt Kirk Project. The Mt Kirk project displays elevated lithium, tantalum, rubidium and tin values. It is indicative of highly fractionated pegmatite, up to 0.75%

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Lithium Goldmines Australia Pty Ltd is interested in attracting top specialists in the mining and exploration of gold, lithium and cobalt.

The company has commenced the initial discussions with corporate specialists to determine whether the extent of the company portfolio would meet the requirements of a public listing.

We look forward to keeping you updated on this future possibility. This portfolio of leases, both mining and exploration, that the company is in the process of securing will give both immediate and long term prospects for immense growth within the resource sector and we hope to move the company in directions that will benefit the mining employment sector and shareholders.

Our focus on Gold, Lithium and Cobalt, is based on increasing demand in the global marketplace as industries look to secure these precious and undersupplied resources. The companies plans to develop our own exploration and mining leases and to take strategic holdings in other mining ventures when such actions will mean greater benefit to our company and shareholders. Our commitment to developing our leases is based on our agreements with Asian Investors, Bankers and Commodity Dealers based in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our management team in partnership with these investors will seek to grow our activities in line with shareholder benefits and further expansion that will continue to grow the portfolio to elicit maximum growth without sacrificing the safety of conservative goals and strategies.